The Goal Driven IEP: A Parents’ Guide to What to Ask for at Your IEP Meeting

Date(s) – 11/08/2017
7:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Large Meeting Room, Cary Memorial Library
1874 Massachusetts Avenue

Guest Speaker: Dr. David Stember, Ph.D.

This talk will cover specific items and wording parents should ask for in their child’s IEP; how to ask for specific goals, approaches and outcome measures that will be sensitive to whether progress is being made; common best practice approaches to address and common mistakes seen in ineffective IEP plans. It will also cover definitions of disabilities and which goals to ask for to address specific learning needs, social pragmatics, organizational skills and behavior/emotional disorders, as well as how to determine if progress is occurring.

Dr. Stember holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and maintains faculty appointments at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital. He specializes in youth and teens with learning disabilities, behavioral and spectrum disorders. He also advocates for kids in IEP meetings with school districts. He is a recognized expert in cognitive behavioral/exposure-based therapy for anxiety, learning and behavioral disorders. Dr. Stember has given grand rounds presentations, trained educators and consults to a variety of districts throughout New England. He is the prior Director of Behavioral Medicine at North Shore Children’s Hospital, and maintains private practice offices in Salem and Arlington.