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Co-chairs: Lisa O’BrienKathy Cunningham

Secretary: Jennifer Yaar

TreasurerRobin Abrams

Membership: Lauren Onorato

Special Events: Cristina Patti

Communications: Bettina McGimsey

Web/Tech: Ashley Waring

Transition: Barbara White

Lexington Public School Liaisons

Bowman: Kathy Cunningham

BridgeFarhana Stevenson

Clarke: Kathy Cunningham and Lisa O’Brien

Diamond: Mona Roy

EstabrookJeanne Desanto

Fiske: Jayashree Venkataraman

Hastings: Jennifer Yaar

HarringtonHeidi Mann

LCP (Lexington Children’s Place)Agnes Chan

LHS: Carol Millard Barbara White

Out of District: Jennifer Yaar

Interest Groups

ADHD Parents Group: Jennifer Yaar

Autism Parents Group: Kathy Georgopolous

Dyslexia Parents Group: Nicole Locher

Transition Group (post-graduation): Ann Wolf

School Committee Liasons: Mona Roy and Bronte Abraham


Public Notices

The LexSEPAC maintains a notification-only e-mail list, open to all, to receive only official notices and reminders of upcoming meetings. To request to be added to this list, send an email to